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Have you ever encountered a Natural Mystic?

Meet Zachari- the creator and owner of CasaShanti. Zachari is a beautiful Phoenix who followed his path of light to bring his gifts to you! Born with a natural connection to the unseen mysteries, Zachari has read tarot and other forms of divination professionally for over 25 years. With a focus on magick, spell work, and the Old Ways, Zachari is a 3rd degree initiate in the Gardnerian tradition and has been practicing the Craft for over two decades, helping the community. His natural abilities to connect with spirits, cosmic guides, and the Akashic records allow Zachari’s sacred transmissions to empower and heal the mind, body and soul. Zachari offers profound insight, clarity and awareness into all of life’s journeys and mysteries. He works with energy, numerology, tarot cards, past life regression, and spirits who have crossed over to open your heart and read your story. 

Guided by spirit, Zachari traveled to India in 2002, and remained there for over four years to study with Healers, Alchemists, and Masters, including His Holiness, the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa and His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.

Returning to his native Fort Myers, Florida, Zachari continued to serve the community by teaching, leading meditation, holding workshops, creating the first CasaShanti Shop, and creating a grassroots community event in honor of the International Day of Peace that has expanded its outreach since 2007 and recently held the 16th annual Peace Day celebration in September 2023.  

Following the voice of spirit to move here to Winston Salem, Zachari is excited to share his talents, experience and wisdom here with our community. Currently, he offers readings by appointment, and holds classes on tarot, tasseography, numerology and many more subjects.

The Team

Sarah Thompson
Life Coaching and Hypnotherapist
Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson is a lifelong student of Spiritual Studies and Comparative Religion, pursuing the thread of truth in every faith and honoring the divinity in All. She is also one of the few Certified Toe Readers in the nation to train under Master Toe Reader, KC Miller. 

Chasidy Ryan
5th Generation Espiritista
Chasidy Ryan

Chasidy Ryan's connection with healing energy has taken her on a decades-long journey, immersing herself in studies of Astrology and Reiki, and Intuitive and Psychic Reading. She graduated from the New York City Reiki Institute as a Reiki Master Teacher.

Pamela Fisher
Clairsentient Reader
Pamela Fisher

Pamela Fisher is a clairsentient reader with a lifetime of experience as an intuitive and has read professionally for clients for the past 13 years. She is passionate about connecting with people on a deeper level, holding space without judgment, and connecting with people in a way that draws out the hidden things that need to be released.

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