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Sarah Thompson

Life Coaching and Hypnotherapist

Sarah Thompson is a lifelong student of Spiritual Studies and Comparative Religion, pursuing the thread of truth in every faith and honoring the divinity in All. She is a student of energy work, a professional family advisor, yoga and meditation instructor, and an ordained minister with a focus in Interfaith Sacred Ceremony. Sarah has completed Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy certifications through the Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts. She is also one of the few Certified Toe Readers in the nation to train under Master Toe Reader, KC Miller. 

Toe Reading explores how the body stores and transcribes emotions, hopes and fears in the feet, and Sarah helps clients to find the answers to their soul’s unspoken questions. Through a variety of modalities, she assists with helping them release blocks and limitations, reactivate their connection with Source, and step into the fullness of their divine purpose.  

Sarah Thompson
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