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Pamela Fisher

Clairsentient Reader

Pamela Fisher is a clairsentient reader with a lifetime of experience as an intuitive and has read professionally for clients for the past 13 years. She connects empathically and intuitively with the energy of clients. She is passionate about connecting with people on a deeper level, holding space without judgment, and connecting with people in a way that draws out the hidden things that need to be released. Sometimes it’s recalling a painful moment from the past or a current stressful situation, and in the releasing of stagnant or suppressed emotional energy, healing begins, new possibilities open, and the butterfly within can emerge.

Pamela’s enchantment with the magickal and wondrous nature of all she encounters shows in her love for Mother Earth’s treasures. She calls herself a passionate FAE, Fairy Artist Extraordinaire, loves to forage for materials in Nature, and offers a magickal peek into the hidden realms with her wreaths, dreamcatchers, crystal orbs, and other one-of-a-kind fairy art created during her meditative journeys with the highest intentions and pure Love.

Working with CasaShanti clients since 2011 in Fort Myers, Florida, Pamela recently moved to Winston-Salem, NC, and is currently offering intuitive tarot readings at Casashanti.

Pamela Fisher
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