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Intro to Crystals - Part 1

By now, you have most likely heard about the healing energy of crystals and, if you’re a subscriber to our website, you most likely have at least a few that you have felt drawn to on an energetic level. Around the world, people have experienced the benefit and influence of the vibrational energy of stones on spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels. The healers of ancient days from Ayurvedic medicine in India to Chinese and Native American medicines, used this form of traditional healing as part of their toolkit, along with herbal remedies, sound vibration, ritual ceremony, prayer, and other energy practices. From one generation to the next, these healing modalities were passed down based on experience and results. In our modern world, we may have pushed these instinctive memories way to the back of our brains, told to rely on science and western medicine for our healing. For many, the call of energy healing is bringing us back to our roots.

When you decide to learn more about crystals and how to work with them, it might feel discouraging to think you have to memorize the properties of so many stones, not to mention how to pick the stone or stones that are right for you. Here are some tips to getting started!

  • Take a deep breath, then exhale and relax. You may be drawn to a particular stone for no apparent reason, or that you just like it or that you feel “something.” Pick up the stone and just observe how it makes you feel. Maybe nothing, or maybe you feel happier, centered, energized or peaceful. You might feel energy in your body or in a direction, such as uplifting or grounding. That’s a combination of your intuition and the science of vibrational energy at work! Before you Google the stone, see what YOU feel!

  • When you want a stone for a purpose, such as meditation, healing, protection, etc., an easy way to narrow down your choice is to match color of the stone to the chakra color associated with it. For example, if you want to meditate, choose a crystal in the chakra color for the Third Eye, which is purple. Good choices are Amethyst, Lepidolite, and Purpurite, among many others. Remember, matching the color of the stone to the corresponding chakra color gives you the vibrational energy you’re looking for!

  • If in doubt, you can never go wrong with a clear Quartz crystal! Quartz is an energy amplifying superstar and works with every chakra and vibrational energy pattern. Use it alone or to boost the energy of other crystals.

  • Selenite is a stone that holds no negativity. Everyone should have a piece of Selenite in their collection of stones to cleanse and remove toxic energies from yourself, your home and from other crystals.

Getting to know your stones and working with them every day will soon become one of your favorite things! Set your intention for the day by selecting the stone(s) that you are feeling to carry with you or wear as jewelry. It’s a conscious choice that helps you start every day off on the right foot!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Intro to Crystals coming in the next CasaShanti blog!

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Sep 18, 2022


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