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Once inside you are treated to a delightfully electric variety of magical items from around the world. Everything in our store is genuine, authentic, and made with the highest quality vibrations!

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Born with a natural connection to the unseen mysteries, Zachari is guided by sacred wisdom to clearly see beyond the physical, and to intuitively open your heart and read your story. One of South Florida’s oldest and youngest readers, and now here in North Carolina, with over 23 years’ experience, Zachari connects with clients locally and internationally. Through connecting with a natural, true and authentic oracle, a reading with Zachari  is, above all else, transformational, accurate and empowering. This experience offers profound insight, clarity, and awareness into all of life’s journeys and mysteries. 

Zachari’s readings are available on a sliding scale from $60-$150

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Metaphysical Supplies

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What You'll Find


Shanti Mystery Box  

Mystery Box Subscription – imagine your surprise! A monthly package delivered at your door, hand-selected items from the treasure trove of CasaShanti merchandise.

Now you can have a one of a kind CasaShanti experience from your home! Intuitively hand selected by Zachari, CasaShanti’s owner, wrapped treasures will arrive at your door monthly that have been chosen just for you (or a friend, perhaps)! You never know what you’re going to find when you open a CasaShanti mystery package and discover what magic's inside & thats half the fun!

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Tuesday & Friday

11am - 4pm

Saturday & Wednesday

11am - 8:15pm

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