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Born with a natural connection to the unseen mysteries, Zachari is guided by sacred wisdom to clearly see beyond the physical, and to intuitively open your heart and read your story.
Often called South Florida’s oldest and youngest reader, with over 23 years’ experience, Zachari connects with clients locally and internationally.
Through connecting with a natural, true and authentic oracle, a reading with Zachari is, above all else, transformational, accurate and empowering, offering profound insight, clarity and awareness into all of life’s journeys and mysteries.

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About Us


Meet The Team

Pamela Fisher is CasaShanti’s Earth Mama. From making an intuitively selected cup of herbal tea for CasaShanti’s customers and clients, to running an ionic detox footbath session, she connects with people in a way that draws out the hidden things that need to be released. Sometimes it’s recalling a painful moment from the past or a current stressful situation, and in the releasing of stagnant or suppressed emotional energy, healing begins, new possibilities open, and the butterfly within can emerge. “We all have energy,” Pamela relates. “We all have the capacity for self-healing. Sometimes we just need help tapping into that part of our being that knows this!”

​Pamela also creates potions, lotions and handcrafted items, like mystical garden crystal dreamcatchers, available for sale in the CasaShanti boutique. Everything is made with highest intentions and pure Love.


Pamela Fisher

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Melisa "Mí"

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Melisa joins the CasaShanti team to welcome all into our beautiful Emporium. She is ever expanding her knowledge of crystals, healing practices, and divine love. Mí is also a certified Pilates Mat and 200-hr Yoga Instructor trained in Hatha and Raja disciplines. She embraces many different types of practices. Join her for private practice in our space or allow her to come to you at your location of choice. Choose the practice that best fits your goals and desires whether that be Vinyasa, Sculpt, Gentle, Slow Flow, Yin, Restorative, Chair, Yogalates, Mat Pilates, Pilates Foam Rolling. Introduce yoga to the next generation with Kids Yoga, the whole family can participate! In pursuit of a deeper mind, body, spirit connection, Mí can lead you through Guided Meditation, Breathwork, and Yoga Nidra.

​Mí's additional wellness offering is Thai Yoga Massage (Assisted Stretching). Join her for a session that will having you feeling both relaxed and energized at the same timel! 


Ashley Brownson is an intuitive energy healer that uses tuning forks to align the chakra system, expel negative energy, and release energetic blocks within the body. She also utilizes reiki, healing touch, and many other modalities to facilitate healing. Each session is individualized to you and your healing needs. Ashley is also a natal chart astrologer and offers Natal chart readings as well as  inner child healing sessions where together you can dive deep into healing traumas, work on self love and cultivating a deeper connection with self.

She will be leading Saturday Morning Meditation twice a month, as well as teaching a Beginner’s Astrology Class twice a month on Sundays.  


ashley brownson

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Trish Trapnell

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​Trish Trapnell began her journey into the world of healing over a decade ago, when she discovered within herself an innate ability to use energy to help relieve the physical body of headaches, muscle aches and pains, and minor health issues. Feeling the call for healing on all levels, Trish studied Usui reiki, becoming a reiki master and 3rd degree Sekheim reiki master. She branched out even further into sound healing with tuning forks vibrational therapy for the mind and body.

Her love and passion for healing and helping people has, most recently, brought a sacred download, leading her to offer angel sessions which allow people to walk in the light of Heaven’s love.

Beatrice Muhlenbruch is a herbalist and sound healer. Services include consultations and recommendations for ways to support your overall health and wellbeing, and sound healing sessions tailored to your unique needs.
Educated in family & community herbalism by the Florida School of Holistic Living, Beatrice is passionate about health sovereignty and provides education and support for those who seek ways to care for themselves and their loved ones. She has traveled extensively in the U.S. and Mexico, gathering many viewpoints and learning about our natural world and how to use the gifts around us. She has a deep connection to Spirit through nature and all of her work is imbued with intention. Beatrice is also certified as a Practitioner of Sound Healing by the Meditate School of Sound Healing, and offers personalized sound therapy sessions and group sound baths using crystal and Himalayan singing bowls to carry healing vibrations deep into your being. 
Find out more about Beatrice and the services she offers via her company Crone House at

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2052 Cottage St

Fort Myers, FL 33901

    Monday & Friday
11am - 4pm


1pm - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday

11am - 4pm


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