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Homemade by Goddess P her Hoodoo Florida Water combines an exotic rich spicy aroma with powerful magick for clearing and cleansing your space, for ritual baths and ceremonies, and for all your spiritual pratices. CasaShanti's perferred Florida Waater, Goddess P's Homade Hoodoo, is bottled under the full moon, created with powerful intention, sealed with a ceremony, and is definitely not your average Florida Water. Brewed right here in Southwest Florida with  the magick of CasaShanti and you in mind. 

Ingredients: 80 proof vodka, rose water, moon water, holy water, rose petals, rosebuds, lavendar, rosemary, sage, lemongrass, calendula, allspice, cinnamon, orange peel, and Goddess P magick.

Goddess P's Hoodoo Florida Water

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