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Individually bottled Dried Herbs for all your crafting needs...

From Left to Right:

Organic Egyptian Rosebuds & Petals - Red [Rosa Cenlifelia]

Organic Egyptian Lemongrass [Cynbopogon Citratus]

Black Salt

Organic Croatian Nettle Leaf [Urticadioica]

Organic Moroccan Rosemary Leaf - Rosma [Rosmarinus Officialnalis]


Use black salt after smudging for protection, creating boundries, and assisting with emotional and spiritual barries. Sprinkle it across your doorways, cleanse your crystals by adding to a crystal bag or laying crystals in a plate of black salt. For full moon crystal cleansing, take the plate with your crystals out under the moonlight. Sprinkle in a sacred bath for letting go and renewing the spirit. Place a pinch in a bowl of warm water and place the bowl under your bed to dispel nightmares. Whatever you use it for, state your intention, and let it work for you!

CasaShanti Dried Herbs

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