Horoscopes for Gemini Times

In my intention to bring you monthly channeled horoscopes, I experienced a struggle this month to receive messages in the usual way, which is a separate message for each sign, and, in authenticity, bring this month’s message as it came to me from Spirit. As we move from the 21st day of the 21st week of the 21st month of the 21st year of the 21st century, Spirit’s message is collectively for All.

Buckle up, Buttercup! There’s no plan to slow down anytime soon. Everything inside is coming up to come outside. Up is down and down is up, right is left and left will be right…and no amount of planning will change this! The best way to proceed into the unknown is to cultivate a sensation of trust and faith, building and processing on the sensation that cultivates deeper amounts of awareness. Our whole life has been leading up to this moment! Individually, we can look at that; collectively, we will be experiencing that. The question at hand is: to which degree, or with what set of eyes do you choose, or will you choose, to see through? Life isn’t necessarily what we THINK it has to be, and actually, it’s not even about what we think. A lot of our past is coming up, and it’s important to look at it with awareness, paying attention how we are perceiving it…which set of eyes are we looking through. When we look to the past with a different set of eyes it changes the understanding.

The whole world is changing, evolution is happening…we are just a part of it. The universe, consciousness, vibration, regardless of sign, is encouraging us to look deeper, to look within…and to come to a more common understanding of how our past has led each one of us to this very moment, and that by understanding this moment helps us make more conscious and informed decisions going forward. This is the message of the Phoenix-Transformation. Spirit says its never about if we are or not, it’s about to which degree we choose that determines the outcome of the experience we each live. It’s up to each one of us to recognize “Am I doing the work or not? “ As it evolves, so we do what is asked of us, too. Choice, duty, the perfection of understanding the benefit- that’s what leads to what Spirit calls “e-calamity”, which is an experience outside of or without calamity. Understanding is the key to recognizing the purpose or benefit of what happens next.

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