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Horoscopes for Cancer Times


Communication, direction, focus, and articulation are key as we move forward, ensuring that we cross our T’s and dot our I’s so that our words and deeds are impeccable. This month for Aries brings forward motion to something that you’ve been wondering, questioning, or holding up in the air.


This month means hard work. For the Taurus, it’s all about going into understanding our true nature this month. Sometimes, even with the work that we put in, understanding leads to the awareness that yet more hard work needs to be done. It’s ensuant of oneself, and encouraged, that we look at the possibilities that we have been coming from to see the things which are yet still to be discovered to help us understand, and more recognize, what it means to be a true emperor or empress. A call to action will be dictated, depending upon how articulate, communicative, or expressive you choose to be. Actions truly are found in the deeds and in the doing.


Oftentimes, change is attributed to what is beyond our own means or control. Realizing this allows Geminis to make more wise and informed decisions going forward from this month, allowing us to feel more content, satisfied, and with more understanding. The angels are definitely getting your attention and calling to you. Pay attention to your dreams, messages, signs, and omens this month. Spirit is speaking!


Possible plans, trips, travel, and movement bring up a lot for Cancer this month. Are you the victim or victimizer? The sword of justice and victory surrounds you, but it will be up to you to decide how you yield that sword or this blessing. For you, the very idea of surrender and acceptance could lead to more victory and success moving forward.


I see sparks of red, which tells me that there could be a lot of triggers or sensations that provoke and provide us with an opportunity to look at the pressures, obligations, and energies that we put on ourselves and are experiencing. Big changes are in store. If you have put in the work, you’ll see the smile! Family, community, happiness, and your hard work all begin to pay off; but anything worth having is worth working for, dear Leo, and just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it’s not worth it!


Lots of things will be compelling us to look ahead, Virgo…to plan ahead, articulate your desires, wants and wishes. There could be some trips coming up, for yourself or for someone around you that you will have to help, help handle, or give some assistance to but, all in all, this month for you really brings about the question of what is ahead for you, so its important that you focus on clarity, articulation, clear expression, and seeing the world as it is, and not how you think it has to be.


So, things don’t necessarily happen in the time that you think it should or that they were supposed to, dear Libra! That doesn’t mean we give up, or that we don’t still plan and prioritize, because oftentimes Spirit, our karma, and these messages happen in bigger ways than we think. This month reminds you not to give up, keep pushing ahead to what you want, what your desire, for Spirit says they are sure to happen. Just remember, they happen in Spirit Time, which is the highest good for all concerned.


All in all, we begin to recognize that either it isn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be, or there’s a reason, or the significance or importance outweighs the rest. Scorpios might find this month that the work we put into things brings us to a different type of understanding where we’ve begun to take a closer look at what’s inside. Make sure that the message that we are receiving isn’t of our own doing; better yet, we listen and look toward the bigger picture, examine not listening vs. listening. Sometimes what we think isn’t what IS, and this month is our challenge to think about that within something in our life that we’ve been questioning.


Oftentimes the unknown begets the known, and it can be better than, or different than! Cancer times this month will bring up a lot of the unknown factors in our life that we have been subconsciously facing, or unknowingly holding onto. For you, Sagittarius, this month also heralds in the possibility of a new beginning, journey, or spiritual journey that will carry you through to your birthday time. Obliviousness is not the answer. Strongly taking a seat to look at all sides, and to look within, allows this next phase to be anchored in, within trust and faith vs. knowingness.


Capricorn, darkness does not necessarily beseech the darkness; rather it beckons us to look for more clarity! The questions about your direction, path, this process, and what’s next are definitely valid. It is even more important for you now to ask these questions, to look and wonder, and to express these things. Look at all the sides and options rather than make decisions. The way you process the energy now will dictate these next couple of months and years for you. So, remember who you are, and where you’re coming from, and allow that to lead and guide you.


Things begin to step into motion for you and make sense, dear Aquarius! Karma, understanding, self-realization all begins to more and more take over and you’ll find yourself making more clear, victorious, and mindful decisions. Archangel Michael steps forward to remind us to have patience for ourselves and those around us, and that, by being in touch with our mind, body and spirit, we find solutions. Your energies are moving forward. What you do with it will be gloriously up to you!


It can become understood this month, dear Pisces, of the amazingness that the sensations of confusion, strife, and conflict lead us forward, clearing the path for something better…more freedom, more joy, more clarity! This month brings resolution to something that you’ve been conflicted about for some time, and the more that you keep that right positive knowingness, the more effortlessly you will see and experience those results. For you, Pisces, all that hard work is in the process of paying off!

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