Channeled Messages & Horoscopes for Taurus Times

Aries: As you may have already been experiencing during this new moon in Aries, we have been feeling things brewing, building. It’s going to be very important as you feel this energy coming to you to think about “How am I handling that?” Are you charging ahead, or is there something that you feel overwhelmed by? It’s important to take that bull-headed nature by the horns and say, “It’s all happening for a reason, regardless of what I am feeling, I know where I’m going, I know how I’m being benefited.” And that will lead to greater amounts of smiles, wisdom and energy going forward.

Taurus: The Taurus children are here for a reason. The leaders, the victims, the intents…it’s a triangle that creates a portal that all of life goes through. You may find yourself thinking things like, “Wait a minute… I’m not rushing into everything,” as that’s a Taurus’ nature. During your birthday times, however, the spirits and stars are encouraging you to get creative in your planning and start thinking ahead. It’s the time to figure out how because you’re in it to win it. Be creative. It’s definitely time for you to make a decision. Everything has been showing you. Archangel Gabriel comes through to say “You will not be able to hold back, you will not be able to NOT plan ahead, dear Taurus, because actually the whole universe is conspiring for you to get it!

Gemini: For Gemini in the time of Taurus, something that you have been building upon, listening to, or has been happening, is definitely coming into fruition… in fact, it may already be. Sometimes you have to go through the experience of what isn’t, in order to come out on the other side of what is. This month brings a level of empowerment, of YES, celebration from here, from this, now what? Sometimes, you just have to leap! Have trust and faith, knowing that spirit has been, is, and will continue to guide you.

Cancer: During Taurus times, Cancer, you’re going to feel a lot, and a lot will be coming up for you. It’s not even about just this month, this whole new year for you has been about making the change, making the decision, doing it. Oftentimes, the most difficult things bring about the greatest light or reward, but sometimes things that move forward, or that are in front of us, can make us feel like we are blocked, or that we’re not capable of, or able to. The more we get in alignment, the easier we find it, but you may find, dear Cancer, that what is coming into fruition is going to take more work than you would necessarily like or want. Decisions are going to be HUGE for the Cancer in Taurus times.

Leo: During Taurus times, dear Leo, you may feel a bit complacent, like, “OK, this is how it’s going to be. Yeah, I’m trusting, not thinking about it too much, it’s just happening.” At the same time someone within your circle could experience extreme amounts of love and a shift that will bring significant changes, where you may find yourself being called upon to help. The best way to handle yourself during Taurus times is to step up to the plate and get ahead of the ball game. This month brings a significant amount of energy where you think about, and will begin to move forward in, ways that are of service and benefit for the outpouring of energy that is ahead of you.

Virgo: Virgo, moving into Taurus times, has a lot going on in the mind; trials and tribulations, decisions, actions, thoughts and processes moving forward. What is that you will allow to hold you back or be held back from? Certain choices and decisions you are going to have to make will determine the outcome of things ahead of you. It’s so important, Virgo, that you look ahead and really see, “Am I being mindful, am I being willful, am I thinking of myself for the benefit?” Just because things are happening in a certain way, or look a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. Sometimes we have to go back and understand that in order to see ahead. From February through November will be key for you, Virgo, and this year you will have several key significant points of reference in your life.

Libra: Strongholds… resistance… investment… trials and tribulations… will you, should you, what are you going to do? Taurean times brings up so much that sometimes you could feel overwhelmed. You have to look at the individuals, the people, places, and situations around you for guidance. Spirit is speaking. Are you feeling prepared, or do you need to get more prepared? Your time now is not necessarily the time to make the change, it’s more about are you planning or will you, or are you preparing for that, or have you been? Female figures will be key in the presentation of energy for the Libra in Taurus times. Pay attention to them.

Scorpio: Elusiveness is dangerous, at least it can be for the Scorpio during this month for you. Avoidance isn’t always what it seems to be. Sometimes, we have to make a conscious choice to go deeper, to see what they have to say from there. Guidance isn’t restricted to those who march synonymously ahead without awareness. For Scorpio, it’s endings that bring new beginnings and situations of moving forward. And, if you are being honest with yourself, you’ve kind of been told that for a while.

Sagittarius: The time of Taurus, for Sagittarians, brings about a sensation like sometimes what we feel or think isn’t always what is, or what we plan isn’t always what we get. This month could bring sensations of disappointment that don’t necessarily have to BE a disappointment if you just look at it the right way. Oftentimes there’s a reason and you will have to look at that. If you listen, dear Sag, you move forward… if you don’t listen, you may find yourself moving backward.

Capricorn: Try, and try again! Even if you don’t feel like it, keep at it! This month, you may not feel that the significant efforts that you have been putting into something important are coming into fruition, however, they are, in fact, producing an experience of value and motivation. Do you remember the story of the Little Engine That Could? So, keep trying something you’ve been working for, and towards. Do it…keep doing it. In Taurus times for you, Capricorn, the angels and spirits will be sharing with you the reasons why. So be open, be mindful and look ahead. Be sure not to breed or allow negativity to block your successes and freedom.

Aquarius: For the month of Taurus, dear Aquarius, there’s going to be a profound willingness within that comes through which allows you to further understand your many benefits, your relationships, and your whole Being, so to speak. You probably have been feeling this since last month’s new moon. Life begins to make even more sense. Enjoy the ride! In addition, you may find yourself connecting with a male presence, a brother or other significant male individuals or souls, who can motivate you to move forward. That’s where you look for inspiration.

Pisces: For Pisces, as you move from Aries into Taurus times, you may be facing questions like “How am I going to move forward?” “What am I moving forward from?” and “What am I moving forward into?” Taurus times bring for you a lot of situations where you might be asking yourself things like “What am I leaving behind, hardships, ideas, etc.?” Sometimes we have to make hard decisions that make us rethink or reevaluate possibilities ahead of us. It’s time to think about the possibility of moving forward with your future. There are people who represent situations and experiences that could very well be holding you back, and it’s extremely important that you move forward in gratitude and awareness.

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